Buy What Catalans Want for someone else!

Catalonia Press new book of interviews and photographs by Toni Strubell and Llus Brunet, What Catalans Want was written with the express idea of explaining the Catalan situation outside of Catalonia. But we need your help.

Who should be reading this book?
Do you have a friend or acquaintance who should know whats going on in Catalonia? Can you help us by buying a copy of the book for them? Would you or someone you know be willing to review the book in an English publication?

We have set up a special page in Catalan where folks can order the book for English-reading friends. Catalonia Press will take care of transmitting the order and will even pay the shipping costs.

And if you cant buy the book right now but have suggestions about who we should send it to, let us know that too.


Where to buy?

Catalonia Press has produced both full color (978-1-61150-009-7) and black and white (978-1-61150-011-0) editions of What Catalans Want, as well as EPUB (978-1-61150-012-7) and Kindle (978-1-61150-013-4) electronic editions of the book. For more information or press packages, see or contact Liz Castro.

You can buy both the color and black and white print editions from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and any other bookseller. Give them the ISBN (above) to order.

You can buy the Kindle edition from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

The book is also available from the Apple iBookstore for iPad/iPod/iPhone.

You can get all three electronic editions at once directly from Catalonia Press.

You can download a free sample of the book from Catalonia Press.




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